Ласкаво просимо вас до вебсайт Союз Українського Студентства Канади (СУСК)!
Welcome to the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union (SUSK) website!

“Cоюз Українськoгo Студентства Канади” (CУСК), “Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union”, or  “Union des Étudiants Ukrainiens Canadiens” was formed in December 1953, and is the coordinating body of Ukrainian-Canadian students at different post-secondary institutions across Canada.

SUSK’s mandates and objectives include the needs to uphold and promote the Ukrainian language, promote Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian studies as well as to promote awareness of Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian culture.  SUSK also encourages and assists associate member organizations to educate and inform members as well as non-members about issues relevant to the Ukrainian-Canadian community.

SUSK supports English language education in Ternopil, Ukraine

In July 2014, SUSK alumnus Taras Maluzynsky taught a free of charge English language program to children of Ternopil, Ukraine at the Ternopil Children’s Library #5. As a side project of the SUSK “Hope/Надія” Shevchenko t-shirt initiative, we partnered to ensure SUSK Shevchenko t-shirts were part of Taras’ English language program. Participants learned English through interactive lessons, including speaking, listening, …

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SUSK marks 100th anniversary of Canada’s First National Internment Operations

To mark the 100th anniversary of Canada’s First National Internment Operations, SUSK calls upon its member Ukrainian Students’ Organizations and all Ukrainian Canadian students to commemorate and raise awareness of these dark pages in Canada’s history. In addition, SUSK encourages all Ukrainian Canadian students to support “CTO – The One Hundred Plaques across Canada initiative”, organized and …

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