SUSK Releases USO Toolkit, Completes UCC Dragons Project


The Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union (SUSK) is proud to announce the completion of the USO Toolkit Project for Ukrainian Student Organizations (USOs).


In November 2013, SUSK secured funding through the UCC Ukrainian Dragons competition for several initiatives, including the creation of a USO Toolkit. Through such a program, SUSK intends to actively provide students with sufficient resources for students to boost efficiency and institutional memory within their respective organization.


“The USO Toolkit is a fully comprehensive guide for Ukrainian student organizations. We have incorporated best practices from our clubs across the country and distilled them into this manual. The Toolkit is aimed towards organizations of any capacity: from startup to long-established clubs. We plan on growing this project in coming years to meet the needs of our student members and their respective organizations” said SUSK President Cassian Soltykevych.


The 25 page document features relevant topics such as recruitment strategies, fundraising, promoting events, and establishing succession principles. The Toolkit also features additional “Event Toolkits,” which demonstrate how to execute key USO events from beginning to end.


We would like to thank our USOs, SUSK Executive Members, SUSK Congress Delegates, and the Dragons who all made this possible.


The Toolkit can be accessed online, at