Make Crimea Ukraine Again!

Orange You Glad These Are Ready?

Look, Crimea—it is an oblast, Crimea has history; long history, very long history, OK, very historical, the Annexation of Crimea, very bad, very illegal—you know, if you’re an observer of international law, say if you were a believer of human rights, if, like, OK, you glanced at the Minsk Agreements, you would probably say that it is a breach of Ukrainian sovereignty—it’s true! Russia illegally invading, annexing – sad!
Stand with SUSK and help #MakeCrimeaUkraineAgain. Proceeds will in part help build our Wall of long-term sustainability.




$20 w/ shipping to Canada

$20 + $5 to USA

$20 + $10 internationally

All prices in Canadian dollars.

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Style: Snapback

Size: ~54-59cm circumference.