Zenia Michno

Hometown: Winnipeg, MB
University: University of Winnipeg
Year and Field of Study: 3rd year BSc

Zenia is about to begin her third year at the University of Winnipeg studying sciences. Her future ambitions include pursuing a career in the medical field due to her passion for helping those around her. This past year Zenia aided in the revival of the University of Winnipeg’s Ukrainian Student Association and held the position of Vice-President. This year she continues her involvement with the club as President. When Zenia is not buried in the school books, she takes the time to travel as much as she can. Her highlights include a 3 month long backpacking trip across Europe, participating in a school exchange in Japan, and spending a week in the Sahara Desert. This summer, Zenia’s grand adventures included a road trip in the Canadian Rockies. She was also able to take advantage of the opportunity to live in Montreal and learn French for one month, through the Explore program. Zenia never misses a chance to try new foods/restaurants, explore nature or learn about different cultures.