Who We Are

“Cоюз Українськoгo Студентства Канади” (CУСК), “Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union”, or  “Union des Étudiants Ukrainiens Canadiens” is a national student organization comprised of Ukrainian Students’ Organizations (USOs) at post-secondary institutions across Canada. It was formed in 1953 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Though it fell inactive in 2001, SUSK was revived at the XXII Congress of Ukrainian Canadians held in Winnipeg, in October 2007.


SUSK’s mandate is to advocate concerns relevant to Ukrainian Canadian students. SUSK serves as a national forum in which these concerns are discuss and acted upon. It is the coordinating body for Ukrainian Students’ Organizations (USOs) throughout Canada.


The link below is the current version of the SUSK constitution. Amendments are made yearly, at the National Congress: SUSK Constitution – Feb 12, 2010


Meet the SUSK National Executive!

Our Member Organizations: Ukrainian Student Organizations (USOs)

The Ukrainian-Canadian Students’ Union is made of local USOs at post-secondary institutions across Canada.  Events organized by local USO Executives are aimed at coordinating and initiating activities for students in order to promote Ukrainian culture as well as developing the community.  For example, events hosted by a USO may include an Annual  Sports Tournament, a Holodomor/Genocide 1932-1933 Awareness Day, as well as various Ukrainian themed events such as Perogy Night and Pysanky Making Night.

Get Involved – Join SUSK!

Why get involved? Members of SUSK…

  • Uphold and promote the Ukrainian spirit
  • Further develop their leadership skills
  • Represent Ukrainian Canadian student and community interests
  • Encourage Ukrainian studies
  • And connect with students nationwide!

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Our Alumni

The current organized Ukrainian community in Canada is made up of many of SUSK’s alumni. In essence, SUSK is a training ground for future leaders in the Ukrainian-Canadian Community.  Many alumni are still active as executive directors of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC), and its many member organizations involving youth, politics, arts and culture, and sports. Other alumni help SUSK in coordinating study abroad programs in Ukraine and supporting Ukrainian-Canadian students with scholarships.

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SUSK Infographic