Ukrainian Political Prisoner Project: Postcards for Prisoners and SUSK Collaboration



Six steps to begin Postcards for Prisoners Project

Step 1: Choose a Prisoner (one or more)

There are now at least 70 Ukrainian political prisoners currently being held by the Kremlin.

You can select a prisoner or prisoners from individual files on the UWC site. Please note Oleksandr Kostenko has been released. 

A complete list with detailed biographies and any updated information is available by visiting Let My People Go! 

Step 2: Print our a card (or use your own)

Download a card from the UWC website, they can be found at the bottom of this page.

Postcards for Prisoners will be providing cards for each USO in order to get started. 

Step 3: Write a message

Messages should be written on the left-hand side of the card. The Russian censors and prison authorities won’t pass on the cards unless they can read them, so messages must be in Russian. If you want to personalize your message and don’t speak Russian use a resource like Google Translate. Be careful not to write political and/or nationalist messages because your card will be discarded.

A list of Russian phrases/messages can be found here.

Alternatively, you can simply sign the card.

Step 4: Address your card

The address should go on the ride side of the card in the middle. Addresses can be found on the bios directly under the name of the prisoner on this page.

A complete list of addresses can be found on this page

Step 5: Put a stamp on your card

To mail a postcard to Russia, international postage rates apply ($2.50 CAD). The stamp should go on the top right-hand corner.

SUSK will be sending club presidents stamps to offset costs. 

You’re almost ready to mail your card, but step six is important!

Step 6: Take a picture of your card and post to social media. Tag @SUSKNational on all platforms

Use hashtags #PostcardsForPrisoners #FreeOlegSentsov #Free(insert name of prisoner)

Sharing this campaign publicly is integral. You are helping to support the prisoners by sending the card and raising awareness. Let the world know what you are doing in hopes of making our voices loud enough for the eventual release of prisoners. When we work together, we are stronger and more visible.

Remember to tag, Postcards for PrisonersUW Congress, and other relevant organizations.

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