Holodomor Exhibit

The League of Ukrainain Canadians (LUC) has assembled a resource package, which we encourage all USOs to procure if possible. However for smaller organizations, you can extract some of the posters in PDF here.


Genocide Revealed

Award-winning documentary (2010) of eyewitness accounts and interviews with researchers from Ukraine and the international community, relating the latest archival information on the Holodomor. Available in DVD, 26- and 52-min educational versions.

Harvest of Despair

Award-winning documentary (1983) paints an unforgettable picture of this period in history, using personal and historical resources. 55 min.

Contact: UCRDC: (416 966-1819 / /

Holodomor, Ukraine’s Genocide

Award-winning documentary by Bobby Leigh (2011) employs eyewitness accounts and new evidence.


The Soviet Story

Documents Soviet Union history and the Holodomor. 85 min in English by Kristaps Valdnicks, Latvia (2008). Excellent introduction to Holodomor.

Contact: and TDSB Professional Library

Zhyvi (The Living) (2008)

Documentary of survivors, and the role of Gareth Jones in exposing the Holodomor. In Ukrainian, English subtitles. 75 min.

Contact: 1-866-942-4627, or TDSB Professional Library

Bitter Harvest (TBA 2017)

A Hollywood feature-length film depicting the Holodomor through an epic story of two lovers. Shot on location in Ukraine, Bitter Harvest  evokes a powerful tale of love, honor, rebellion and survival. The film powerfully captures one of the most horrifying crimes of 20th century Europe, when Ukraine was forced to adjust to the brutal territorial ambitions of the burgeoning Soviet Union.

More information available here.