SUSK Engages British Columbian Youth Community


SUSK Engages British Columbian Youth Community

Pictured: SUSK President Cassian Soltykevych with members of the newly formed ‘Ukrainian Youth in Vancouver.’


SUSK is delighted to welcome and introduce its newest Ukrainian Student Organization (USO): Ukrainian Youth in Vancouver.


The newly established USO is the first Ukrainian student organization located in Vancouver for over a decade, effectively creating linkages between Ukrainian youth all across Canada.


“We are excited to start a new student organization and connect ourselves with the British Columbian Ukrainian community,” remarked SUSK President Cassian Soltykevych, “as this connection will help broaden SUSK’s reach, connect us with another province, and better understand the dynamics of our brothers and sisters who have recently immigrated from Ukraine. I look forward to working with the newly elected Executive of Ukrainian Youth in Vancouver.”


SUSK would like to thank all of the young Ukrainians in Vancouver for taking charge in their local community and contributing to the rich Ukrainian youth movement across Canada. As well, SUSK would like to thank OWL – Open World Learning and Dr. Svitlana Kominko for her assistance and support in making the creation of this USO possible.


For the full media release, see here.