SUSK Participates in CYM Annual General Meeting

SUSK Participates in CYM Annual General Meeting

Pictured: SUSK National Coordinator Connor Moen with CYM Leaders Ivanka Soletsky and Danylo Moussienko

Last month, SUSK’s National Coordinator, Connor Moen participated in the Annual General Meeting of Спілка Української Молоді (‘CYM’) / Ukrainian Youth Association as an observer. There, Connor delivered a presentation to Ukrainian youth to discuss topics such as volunteerism, graduation, post-secondary life, among others.

“For decades, SUSK has enjoyed strong relationships with fellow Ukrainian youth organizations in Canada,” remarked SUSK President Cassian Soltykevych, “by working in tandem, we are effectively fostering a strong and inclusive Ukrainian youth community in Canada.”

The weekend featured stellar programming, bringing together Ukrainian youth from across Canada, discussing topics such as leadership, history, finances, among other qualities needed for a strong organization

“Being from Saskatchewan, I myself never had the opportunity to participate in a program like CYM’s,” remarked Connor, “I was absolutely floored by the level of Ukrainian proficiency and the passion my fellow Ukrainians shared that weekend. This experience has reinforced my passion for Ukrainian culture and the community.”

We would like to thank our friends at CYM, including SUSK Vice President Danylo Moussienko and Secretary Ivanka Soletsky, for helping further connect our organizations.

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