SUSK Alumni Receive Provincial UCC Awards

SUSK Alumni Receive Provincial UCC Awards

The months of October and November marked great achievements for SUSK alumni across Canada. As active members of the community, alumni were recognized for their commitment to capacity building, leadership development, and volunteerism.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Alberta Provincial Council (UCC-APC) held its annual Hetman Awards on October 21, which was created to acknowledge integral members of the Ukrainian Canadian community in Alberta. Former 2016-2017 SUSK Secretary, Ivanka Soletsky, was recognized with an award in the Youth category. Current SUSK VP Executive, Ashley Halko-Addley, was in attendance to congratulate all recipients of the evening.

“It’s so great to see so many of our alumni being recognized,” said Halko-Addley, “we have such a diverse group of alumni that are involved in their local communities in a variety of ways. It is great to see that they are continuing to be involved, even several years after their time with SUSK is over. I’m so proud of all of the recipients. They have done amazing work for our community and it’s nice to see them receiving well deserved recognition.”

UCC-APC Hetman Award Winners

Similarly, Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Saskatchewan Provincial Council (UCC-SPC) held its 23rd annual Nation Builders & Community Recognition Awards luncheon and awards presentation. This event acknowledges the outstanding achievements of members of the Ukrainian Canadian community and their exceptional levels of volunteerism. Former 2015-2016 SUSK Project Director and current National Coordinator, Connor Moen, was recognized under the category of Youth Achievement.

UCC-SPC award recipients

SUSK is proud for our National Coordinator to remain committed to the Ukrainian Canadian community and to be recognized for outstanding contributions.

“I am proud of all the award recipients,” said SUSK President Stephanie Nedoshytko, “it is particularly inspiring to see continued contributions of youth across Canada. With them as the Ukrainian Canadian community’s future leaders, I think we will be in good hands.”


Stephanie Nedoshytko

SUSK President


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