2017 Holodomor Awareness Week

SUSK Commemorates Holodomor Awareness Week Across Canada  

Photo credit: USS Calgary

November is the month of Holodomor commemoration, the famine-genocide of the Ukrainian people in 1932-1933. Millions starved to death and were ruthlessly tortured by the Soviet regime.

In light of this tragedy, SUSK commemorates this tragedy each year with the Ukrainian community to spread the truth and ensure that it the broader Canadian community understands the Holodomor as an act of genocide against the Ukrainian nation.

“The Holodomor was a systemic and horrific genocide in an attempt to destroy the Ukrainian nation,” SUSK President Stephanie Nedoshytko said. “Raising awareness of this tragedy remains a priority for SUSK and the Ukrainian community.”

Photo credit: Ukrainian Students’ Association, University of Winnipeg

Over a dozen clubs across Canada participated in the annual awareness campaign. Some initiatives include film screenings, vigils, displays in prominent campus areas, participating in local city events, and in recent years, the inclusion of the Holdomor Awareness Tour (‘Bus’).

Social media is becoming an increasingly important vehicle to raise awareness. The University of Saskatchewan created an infograph, which had been shared by over 300 Facebook users, including embassies:

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SUSK would like to commend all of its Ukrainian Student Organizations (USOs) for their diligent efforts to raise awareness, and call on members of the national and global community to continue to #ShareTheStory.

Stephanie Nedoshytko


Student-Organized Holodomor Events Across Canada 

Calgary, AB 

USS – Photo exhibit on campus


Edmonton, AB 

University of Alberta

  • Exhibition on campus (link)
  • Annual commemoration at city hall (link)

Saskatoon, SK 

University of Saskatchewan

  • Bitter Harvest Film Screening (link)
  • Holodomor Awareness Tour on Campus (October, link)
  • Vigil

Winnipeg, MB 

University of Winnipeg – Exhibit on Campus

London, ON 

  • WesternU – Holodomor Awareness Tour on campus (Dec 4th)
  • Film to be released shortly

Hamilton, ON

McMaster University – Bitter Harvest Screening

Mississauga, ON

University of Mississauga – Holodomor Awareness Tour on campus (January)

Toronto, ON 

  • Ryerson University – Holodomor Exhibit on campus
  • University of Toronto
    • Holodomor Exhibit on Campus
    • Bitter Harvest Screening

Kingston, ON

Queen’s University – Holodomor Awareness Tour on campus (link)

Ottawa, ON 

Carleton University – Bitter Harvest Screening (link)

Montreal, QC

● Concordia and McGill Universities – Film Screening (‘Povodyr’- link)


USOs who joined social media campaign:

  • University of Regina (Regina, SK)
  • KWUAS (Kitchener-Waterloo, ON)
  • University of Guelph (Guelph, ON)


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