About the SUSK Project Grants Committee

The Project Grant committee aims to provide financial assistance and fundraising ideas to Ukrainian Students’ Organizations (USOs) for events and initiatives that help strengthen the Ukrainian Canadian student community.
The USO Project Fund is coordinated nationally by the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union (SUSK). To which, each USO is entitled to $250 in funding to help support one event during the academic year.

To learn more about the funding that is available please click here




Larisa Hemon (she/her)

Committee Chair

USO: McMaster Ukrainian Students’ Association

Email: vp@susk.ca

92DFC629-68EE-4249-AE0F-8E8A0E2F556A - Alexandra Holyk

Alexandra Holyk (she/her)

Committee Member

USO: Ryerson Ukrainian Students’ Club

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 12.23.03 PM - Anika Luteijn

Anika Luteijn (she/her)

Committee Member

USO: University of Victoria Ukrainian Students’ Society

BDF253B9-42DC-425B-9F7E-72447BCD456E - Maiia Petryshyna

Maiia Petryshyna (she/her)

Committee Member

USO: Ottawa Ukrainian Students’ Club


Marysa Fosty (she/her)

Committee Member

USO: University of Winnipeg Ukrainian Students’ Association

Headshot - Maya Pankiw

Maya Pankiw (she/her)

Committee Member

USO: McMaster Ukrainian Students’ Association

2020-08-19 16_47_04.676-0400_3 - Sofia Holowatsky

Sofia Holowatsky (she/her)

Committee Member

USO: Western University Ukrainian Students’ Association

Headshot Aleksa Gobosz - Aleksa Gobosz

Aleksa Gobosz (she/her)

Committee Member

USO: McMaster Ukrainian Students’ Association

IMG_2817 - Danya Pankiw

Danya Pankiw (she/her)

Committee Member

USO: Queens Ukrainian Students’ Club


SUSK invites all Ukrainian Student Organizations across Canada to apply for the USO Project Grant. The application for 2021-22 can be found below, or as a Word document here.