To better engage with our audience, SUSK’s 2020-21 executive team, under the auspices of “Student” publication editor Alexandra Holyk, started the Student Voice (or Голос Студента, or Voix D’étudiant) podcast. This monthly podcast discusses a variety of national and international issues related to our Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian culture, history, and language. Check out our episodes below!

Re-connecting with our roots Student Voice

In this episode, "Student" editor and Student Voice podcast host Alexandra Holyk delves into involvement in the Ukrainian-Canadian community and how that can strengthen connections to one's ancestral roots, even if they're families immigrated from Ukraine to Canada a long time ago. Our special guest, Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada Andriy Shevchenko discusses some ways of getting further involved in the community and how students in Canada can help Ukraine, while hinting at some organizations he's worked with during his time here. He also answers a pressing question: Does being able to speak the language define you as a Ukrainian? Find out by listening to the latest episode of Student Voice.
  1. Re-connecting with our roots
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