To better engage with our audience, SUSK’s 2020-21 executive team, under the auspices of “Student” publication editor Alexandra Holyk, started the Student Voice (or Голос Студента, or Voix D’étudiant) podcast. This monthly podcast discusses a variety of national and international issues related to our Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian culture, history, and language. Check out our episodes below!

New year, new national coordinator Student Voice

In this episode of Student Voice, SUSK "Student" editor Alexandra Holyk breaks down the role of the national coordinator, with a special interview with SUSK's new national coordinator herself, Danya Wasylyk.
  1. New year, new national coordinator
  2. Have a Holly Jolly SUSKmas
  3. Holodomor and the (Virtual) 21st Century
  4. Re-connecting with our roots
  5. It's a real SUSK show