To better engage with our audience, SUSK’s 2020-21 executive team, under the auspices of “Student” publication editor Alexandra Holyk, started the Student Voice (or Голос Студента, or Voix D’étudiant) podcast. This monthly podcast discusses a variety of national and international issues related to our Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Canadian culture, history, and language. Check out our episodes below!

Holodomor and the (Virtual) 21st Century Student Voice

Sign the petition to include the word "Holodomor" in dictionaries: In this episode, "Student" Editor and podcast host Alexandra Holyk interviews Natalia Onyschuk — the 2020 recipient of the Holodomor Research and Education Consortium's (HREC) Educator Award for Holodomor Lesson Plan Development — and Sophia Isajiw — a research associate and the assistant to the Director of Education at HREC. They look at how students — from elementary to post-secondary — can educate their classmates on the travesties of the Holodomor, through in-person or online events and/or commemorative memorials. For a list of online events mentioned by Sophia, check out HREC's website:
  1. Holodomor and the (Virtual) 21st Century
  2. Re-connecting with our roots
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